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Holly Williams


A Multi-threat in Nashville.

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On Holly

Holly Williams is Nashville royalty, but more importantly she is a fantastic singer/songwriter with 3 critically acclaimed albums, mother of 3, and proprietor of two of Nashville’s best shops – H. Audrey and White’s Mercantile. On top of all that, she loves to eat, which is how we met - eating incredible meals at GP’s house many summers ago. Holly has the best taste, so you can trust her picks, but also check out her personally designed and renovated Nashville vacation rentals. I know, she is indefatigable!

The List

Rolf and Daughters

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Just Added

The absolute #1 place for pasta in this city! Until about 3 years ago the only option for authentic Italian was leaving town, but thank the Lord this opened and was recently named the #3 restaurant in the US by Bon Appetit magazine. If you’re lucky enough to get there on a night where they are serving the homemade burrata then you have seriously hit the jackpot!

700 Taylor St, Nashville, TN 37208

Emmy Squared Pizza

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Just Added

A friend of mine brought this incredible pizza, burger and salads concept out of Brooklyn to Nashville recently. It is truly to die for. This sounds absolutely crazy but the blue cheese broccoli salad has dominated my dreams, for real.

404 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

3821 Green Hills Village Dr, Nashville TN 37215

Five Daughters Bakery

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Just Added

Husband and wife fall in love, have 5 daughters, follow their donut baking passion and turn it into a 5 layer piece of heaven that has taken our city by storm! They have fabulous gluten free options, but if you are letting it all hang out then the chocolate sea salt is an absolute must Music City eat!

1110 Caruthers Ave, Nashville, TN 37204

1900 Eastland Ave Suite 101, Nashville, TN 37206

City House

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Just Added

One of the first on the burgeoning Nashville restaurant scene, chef Tandy Wilson brought the highest quality local ingredients, mixed it up with his passion for Italy and came out with the best pork belly pizza you’ve ever had in your life. Sunday Supper is NOT to be missed if you are visiting family!

1222 4th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37208


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Just Added

This Mediterranean restaurant sits next to my general store, White’s Mercantile, in the 12 South neighborhood. It’s the essential go to for the best hummus I’ve ever had in my life (and I’ve been to Israel), scratch made rice pudding, and hand-crafted stuff grape leaves that leave you feeling truly satisfied and not over stuffed in the slightest…

2902 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204


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Just Added

My entrepreneur friends Max and Ben Goldberg opened this, and it is one of the most in-demand (for good reason) restaurants here, with only 24 seats. The environment is intimate and innovating, you get to choose a five-course meal on a paper menu and watch the preparation in front of you. Also, truly killer cocktails for the cocktail aficionado!

434 Houston St STE 110, Nashville, TN 37203


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Just Added

The same chef as above-mentioned Rolf & Daughters, Philip Krajeck, opened this truly beautiful bar and small dish inspired restaurant last year. I come here for ramp toast, lamb meatballs and the best royal red shrimp in our city! In an up and coming neighborhood stocked full of beautiful Victorian homes, it’s easy on the eyes.

823 Meridian St, Nashville, TN 37207

Cafe Roze

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Just Added

Cafe Roze is an all day cafe in East Nashville with simple, beautifully prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner options, along with top-notch cocktails at sundown. I never knew I could fantasize about an avocado shake and a wild barley salad until I entered their doors! Exquisite and healthy!

1115 Porter Rd, Nashville, TN 37206

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