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Greg Baxtrom


Brooklyn’s Finest

I’ve relied on Greg’s food guidance for years.
You should too.

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On Greg

Greg is known as one of the most beloved and creative chefs in NYC. His first restaurant, Olmsted is now a Brooklyn fixture, with its stunning backyard and ever-changing local, seasonally inspired menu. His latest, Maison Yaki, where everything on the menu is $10 or less, means more people can enjoy his brilliance. Greg’s Brooklyn list is fantastic. He and I agree on Miss Ada. Speedy Romeo has long been on my list of Must-Try’s and Rucola sounds like something I need in my life.

The List

Speedy Romeo 

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Just Added

This is my go-to spot when I’m in the mood for really good, really creative pizza. They even have a pizza topped with pastrami on an everything bagel crust! I love the pizza so much that I collaborated with them to turn an Olmsted dish into a pizza.

Clinton Hill | 376 Classon Ave (nr. Greene Ave)), Brooklyn, NY, 11238

Lower East Side (temporarily closed) | 63 Clinton St (nr. Rivington St), NY 10002

Henry Public 

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Just Added

This is a simple, great bar and it’s the perfect place to hang out when I get off work. My go-to order is a Negroni, burger and fries. It’s the best.

Cobble Hill | 329 Henry St (nr. Pacific St), Brooklyn, NY 11201


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Just Added

This is an amazing neighborhood spot, but the food and atmosphere make it so much more. It’s so inviting, and a great place for a casual dinner when I’m not in the restaurant. Great Italian menu and the food never disappoints.

Boerum Hill | 190 Dean St (at Bond St), Brooklyn, NY 11217

LOOK by Plant Love House 

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Just Added

This Thai restaurant is worth the visit. I also probably order delivery from there at least a few times a month, that’s how much I love it. The papaya salad and all the curries, it’s so spicy but totally worth the pain.

Prospect Heights | 622 Washington Ave (nr. Pacific St), Brooklyn, NY 11238

Miss Ada

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Just Added

Chef Tomer makes some of the best Israeli food in the area. When the weather is especially nice, I like to make the walk over and grab a seat outside. The food is so fresh and addicting, it’s the perfect meal when I have a day off.

Fort Greene | 184 Dekalb Ave (nr. Carlton Ave), Brooklyn, NY 11205

Japan Village

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Just Added

One of my go-to spots when I have some time to kill, or when I have people visiting. It’s such a fun place to walk around, and of course eat tons of Japanese food!

Sunset Park | 934 3rd Ave (nr. 36th St), Brooklyn, NY 11232

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