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It’s A Quest Fest

Philly has a smoking hot food scene at the moment. Who would know better where to eat than Questlove?

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On Questlove:

Questlove is one of those multi-talented people who has 10 jobs and they all make sense. Not only is he a musician (the drummer and Co-Founder of the Roots), record and film producer, composer, musical director, he is also the author of four books. His book “somethingtofoodabout” was even nominated for a James Beard Award. Curiosity is what seems to make Quest’s heart beat. His desire to learn what is behind the imagination and the creativity of the chef’s mind interests me. Quest’s exciting restaurant picks make me want to run to Philly right now (on that note, Everyone! go June 1 and catch his Roots Picnic!). I personally cannot wait to try his plant-based Questlove’s Cheesesteak, which is available at the Phillies baseball stadium. As a Mets fan, no comment.

The List


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Just Added

It’s hard to do a lot of things at once. It’s also very hard to do a lot of things at once, and do them well. Vernick makes that happen. It’s described as modern American, but I like to think of it as a Philly restaurant. It’s fresh and diverse.

2031 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Pizzeria Beddia

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Just Added

My man Joe Beddia just opened up a full-service, 7-days a week version of the 40 pie limit per day take-out spot that everyone fell in love with. Pizzeria Beddia 2.0 is what happens when you make a simple food perfectly with quality ingredients and solid techniques. The energy is great and the food… even better.

1313 N Lee St, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Lost Bread

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Just Added

Something about a place that’s only open two days a week. Don’t know how it hasn’t blown up yet, but get yourself made-from-scratch bread and pastries before there’s a line around the block.

1313 N Howard St, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Citizens Bank Park (for my Questlove’s Cheesesteaks)

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Just Added

I recently launched my plant-based Questlove’s Cheesesteak™, and Citizens Bank Park was the first spot I sold them. Had to show my hometown some love, so we launched it on the Phillies’ Opening Day. The Cheesesteak™ is made with Impossible 2.0 Meat, Amoroso’s Rolls, American and provolone cheese sauce, and a banana pepper and pickle relish. They’re available at all home games and concerts this season.

1 Citizens Bank Way, Philadelphia, PA 19148

Abe Fisher

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Just Added

Another awesome spot by Michael Solomonov and partner Steve Cook. This place is next level for Jewish cuisine. Don’t leave without ordering the Montreal-style smoked short ribs, which can make you almost forget any pastrami you’ve had before. Solomonov’s OG spot, Zahav, just won Best Restaurant in the country in the 2019 James Beard Awards, so make sure you check it out, too!

1623 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19103


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Just Added

Small, no-frills Indonesian hole-in-the-wall spot in South Philly that you’ve probably walked past 10 times. Few tables for dining in but a menu of delicious stewed dishes over rice, and vegan options for my vegan friends. One of my favorite cheap eats.

1754 S Hicks St, Philadelphia, PA 19145

Palizzi Social Club

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Just Added

They don’t make restaurants like this anymore. It may be one of the hardest tables to get in Philly, you first need to become a member, but it’s also one of the best Italian meals you can get in town. I recently heard people were selling their memberships on eBay. SMH.

1408 S 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Barclay Prime

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Just Added

Want a great steak? Barclay Prime’s where it’s at. It’s my go-to for when I’m in that steak dinner type of mood. And a great place for family dinners.

237 S 18th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Ba Le Bakery

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Just Added

Philly is of course known for cheesesteaks, check out my list here and also include Max’s on that list, but it’s also not as known for some of the best Vietnamese food in the country. Ba Le bakes all of their bread in house for their Banh mì.

606 Washington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147

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